Professional Pilot Cars… Anytime, Anywhere

Lead pilot cars. Chase vehicles. High pole and arrow-equipped escorts. Driver replacement. By loaded mile or by the day. As North America’s largest network, we can arrange professional pilot cars at every turn: anytime, any place and over any distance.

We pre-qualify our pilot car partners to ensure their professionalism, reputation, history, reliability and driving expertise. We also verify that they hold a mandatory minimum $1M in insurance to supplement ODS’ own industry-unique insurance coverage that protects our customers like no one else can.

When you work with ODS, one call does it all. We take care of every aspect of securing and arranging as many fully-equipped escort vehicles and providers to meet the demands of your load, state/province requirements and route-specific compliance. No matter how many different pilot car providers your load needs, our team will always remain your central point of contact. From initial planning to successful delivery, we simplify your administration duties and ensure that you always have answers 24/7.

All of our escort vehicles are fully equipped to meet and exceed your project’s needs. At ODS, we make sure our escorts are fully compliant with the various rules and regulations for each jurisdiction your load will travel through.

If you want to experience meticulously planned and expertly-executed over dimensional load escort services, just let ODS run point.

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