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Vehicle Size and Weight/Permits
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When escorts are required

  • When load width exceeds 14’6” up to 16’, 1 escort is required. If less than 16', may be equipped w/lighted rotating/flashing amber light visible from front and rear at 500’ in lieu of a pilot car on a 2-lane road.
  • When width exceeds 16’, 2 escorts (Front and Rear) are required on a 2-lane road
  • When width is 16’ or more, 1 escort (Rear) is required on a 4-lane road
  • Widths exceeding 18’ require police escort
  • Height exceeding 18’ requires minimum of one escort (Front)
  • Length exceeding 120’ requires 1 escort (Rear)
  • Excessive overweight load movements are also subject to pilot cars and an official escort.

Police escorts:

A load movement exceeding 18’ in overall width may be required to have a Highway Patrol escort as determined by the NDHP district commander.

Super loads:

Loads over 18' wide, 18' high, 250,000 lbs. and 200' long are considered super loads. Trunnion axles 45,000 to 60,000 lbs. (special request only)

Escort vehicle requirements can differ significantly by state in terms of mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, obligatory signage/flags/lighting, necessary onboard equipment, and more. The ODS team can provide you with all additional requirements specific to your route.

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