Department of Highways and Transportation
Motor Carrier Division
1695 Sargent Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3H 0C4
PHONE: 877-812-0009 (dial #8 then #1)

Hours of Business

7:30 AM - 6 PM (Central time)


When escorts are needed

# of escorts

– Length: Loads over 98’5” (30m) 1 Rear on all highways
– Length: Loads over 131’2” (40m) 2 (Front & Rear) on all highways
– Width: Loads over 15’1” (4.6m) 2 (Front & Rear) on single lane highways
– Width: Loads up to 20’ (6.1m) 1 Rear on multi-lane highways
– Width: Loads exceeding 20’ (6.1m) 2 (Front & Rear) on all highways
– Height: Escorts are not required if load is only high


  • Super loads are not applicable in Manitoba: there are no load specifications that qualify as a super load.
  • Loads that have jeeps and boosters in their configuration can go to 101’8” (31m) before requiring a trail vehicle.
  • Consult your permit to determine when escorts are needed.

Escort vehicle requirements can differ significantly by province in terms of mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, obligatory signage/flags/lighting, necessary onboard equipment, and more. The ODS team can provide you with all additional requirements specific to your route.

Operating Times

Daylight travel

From sunrise to sunset

Night travel

Length: Night travel is allowed for loads up to 98’5” (30m)

Width: Night travel allowed for loads from 12’2” (3.7m) to 14’7” (4.45M) on all highways with a lead pilot vehicle and trail vehicle. Both must be equipped with lighted sign as set out in the pilot vehicle regulations.

Weekend & holiday travel

Sunday travel is allowed for loads up to 12’7” (3.85m) wide on all non-seasonally restricted highways.

Sunday and statutory holiday travel is allowed for loads up to 82’ (25m) in length on all highways

Statutory holiday travel is allowed for loads up to 11’2” (3.4m) wide on single lane highways.

Loads up to 12’ 2” (3.7m) wide are allowed to travel on multi-lane highways.

Restricted Travel

No travel after 3:00PM on Fridays during summer months and days proceeding statutory holidays for loads over 11’1” (3.4m) in width or exceeding 82’ (25m) in length on seasonally restricted highways. Travel may resume on Saturday.

On non-seasonally restricted routes, loads up to 12’1” (3.7m) wide are allowed to travel on multi-lane highways after 3:00PM.