ALDOT Maintenance Bureau
Permits & Operations
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36110
Tel: (334) 834-1092 | (800) 499-2782

Hours of Business

7:00 AM - 4:45 PM (Central time)


When escorts are needed and # of escorts required

  • Overhang of bulldozer or loader blade of 12' wide or less requires no escorts.
  • Width over 12' to 14' requires 1 escort on 2-lane highway and 1 Rear escort on 4-lane or more highway
  • Width over 14' requires 2 escorts (Front and Rear) on all highways
  • Length over 90' to 125' requires 1 Rear escort on 2-lane highway
  • Length over 125' to 150' (except mobile homes) requires 2 escorts (Front & Rear) on 2-lane highway
  • Length over 150' long requires 2 police escorts (Front and Rear with flashing or strobe amber lights)
  • Height over 15'6" requires 1 Front escort with pole
  • Overhang in rear over 5' requires 1 Rear escort on 2-lane highway
  • Overhang in front over 10' requires 1 Front escort on 2-lane highway

Super loads

Super loads are defined as a load that is greater than one of these dimensions: 16' wide, 16" high, 150' long and/or 250,000 pounds or fails the overload analysis.

In order for the office to consider pre-approval the following items are required:

  • A letter of request detailing all information that would attempt to justify a permit, such as but not limited to reasons why the product could not be reduced or shipped by other modes of transportation such as rail or barge.
  • Load dimensions
  • A detailed shop drawing, specification sheet or plans showing both a longitudinal and a transverse view of the entire axle configuration including truck-tractor with axle spacing’s and weights on each axle in U.S. measurements.
  • A certified scale ticket for loads with weight.
  • A detailed route survey locating all points of contact and means of avoiding such contact points.
  • Minimum two police escorts (front and rear) for loads in excess of 16' ft wide or high. The Alabama Trooper Association will facilitate the scheduling of the escorts and should only be contacted AFTER permit office pre-approval has been confirmed.
  • Utility notification for loads over 16' 6" high: power company, cable company, telephone company, and traffic signal owners.
  • City or County Engineers approval required when traveling city or county roads.
  • ALDOT may require additional insurance coverage as security to compensate the State of Alabama for any injury to any public road or bridge on the Superload route.

Escort vehicle requirements can differ significantly by state in terms of mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, obligatory signage/flags/lighting, necessary onboard equipment, and more. The ODS team can provide you with all additional requirements specific to your route.

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