Route Surveys

We Know Exactly What Stands Between Your Destination and Success.

The success and profitability of over dimensional transport is in the details. Like which roads are designated for different types of loads. The best to take at specific operating times.  Surface conditions and obstructions. Turning points and inclines. Permit limitations by location. Bridge and overhead obstructions. Ongoing construction and detours. Fuelling options, safe places for overnight stops, available accommodations… and more.

For carriers, there is no room for ambiguity and guess work when the consequences are measured in lost profits, upset customers, fines, damages, and bad publicity.

At ODS, we can recommend, optimize, and break down every aspect of your route from start to finish. For all types of OS/OW transport across North America, vast network of experienced surveyors provide certified route surveys to ensure the highest levels of safety, profitability, and peace of mind.

Route Surveys