Project Planning & Support

We’ll Help You Navigate The Maze

Long before some of our industry’s most challenging OS/OW loads hit the road, ODS was there supporting North America’s leading carriers in planning their projects. We earned our reputation for being able to accomplish just about anything our customers need. They tell us that we do it with impressive knowledge, attention to detail, service and unparalleled communication. We tell them the right and most cost-effective ways to deliver their loads regardless of how much we can earn because honesty, integrity, diligence, and transparency truly matter to us. They are the foundations of our success and the long-term relationships that we pride ourselves on.

Our Expertise. Your Impressive Plan.

How many and what types of escort vehicles do you need on your route? Which states require a route survey before you roll? When are curfews and daylight hour restrictions in effect? How do different heights, widths, lengths, and weights impact transport from state to state?

Having provided a legion of escorts down countless roads in pretty much every rural and urban setting across the United States and Canada, no one knows the terrain, challenges, and requirements better than we do.  Count on us for expert advice and answers on OS/OW travel requirements specific to every route, state, and province.

Transportation Support

In addition to meeting your Certified Escort Vehicle Operator (CEVO) and Certified Superload Escort (CSE) needs, we will advise you on any police escort requirements along your route.   We can also prevent hang-ups by coordinating with service providers (e.g., bucket trucks) and facilitating flagging, traffic re-routing, or rolling roadblocks along your route.  Through it all, we can provide timely progress reports that you can pass along to your customers.

If you require arms length advice, a helping hand, or boots on the ground, ODS has the flexibility, reach and expertise to add value at every stage of your project.

Project Planning & Support