Pilot Cars Pennsylvania

At ODS, our pilot car network is here to provide you with the best service for your oversize load. We guarantee safe and secure transportation of your goods throughout the state of Pennsylvania and beyond. Our experienced staff members are highly trained in roadside safety regulations to ensure that your shipment arrives without incident or delay. We have an extensive network of qualified drivers and escort vehicles across the Keystone State, ready to provide you with the highest level of quality service and peace of mind.

Pilot Car Service Pennsylvania

Our mission is to provide you with courteous, reliable pilot car service in Pennsylvania and throughout North America. We have a knowledgeable team who can plan your trip and help you select the best route. They will also keep an eye on your shipment while it’s in transit and provide updates regularly. For oversized loads, we can send chasers or escorts. Once the delivery is complete, our staff will do a debrief with you to go over what happened and answer any questions you might have. Plus, we always follow applicable regulations so that everything goes smoothly for everyone involved.

Pilot Vehicle Pennsylvania

At ODS, we have a fleet of specialized pilot vehicles that are fully equipped to assist in transporting your oversized load throughout Pennsylvania. We also have a wide selection of escort vehicles that can accompany your shipment for added security and protection.

Benefits of Using our Pilot Car Network in Pennsylvania

  1. Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  2. Reliable and courteous service
  3. Specialized vehicles for oversize loads
  4. Ability to provide chasers or escorts if required
  5. Access to a network of qualified drivers throughout the Keystone State
  6. Compliance with applicable regulations
  7. Debrief after delivery to review and answer questions

We understand that you want your oversize load safely transported, and our pilot car network is here to help facilitate all your transportation needs. With ODS, you can rest assured that everything will go as planned—so you can focus on expanding your business. Contact us today for more information about our services in Pennsylvania. Plan a load in Pennsylvania.