ODS Difference

ods difference

Some Of The Things That Set ODS North America Apart:

We’re everywhere 

As North America’s largest pilot car network, we can arrange escort vehicles coast to coast across the US and Canada. No run is too short or too long. No matter the oversize, no matter the freight, no matter the distance, we’re there.

Elite service 

Despite our reach and capabilities, we offer a boutique business service with a tailor-made approach where every customer can expect the same level of impeccable service. We are exceptionally responsive with real people providing the answers and support you need 24/7.  Our efficiency and speed are extraordinary and appreciated. We set a very high bar for service quality with a personal touch.  Expect us to take care of it and take care of you.

Integrity, transparency, and expertise

ODS has facilitated all kinds of OS/OW loads and a legion of escorts down countless roads in almost every imaginable rural and urban setting. We’re highly experienced. We know the terrain, challenges, and requirements. We’re independent and not affiliated with any carrier. And we’re notoriously straight shooters. Even if it means less profit, we’ll steer you toward the solution and plan that works best for you and your load because we always prioritize earning long-term business and trust over quick money.

We make it simple

Contracting with multiple pilot car suppliers creates a lot of paperwork for carriers. Still, ODS makes it effortless: one contact, minimal administration, and the ease of dealing with professionals at every turn.  Within two business days following the delivery of your load, we issue a single, clean, concise invoice that covers your project from start to finish. Our consolidated invoicing saves you time, money… and trees!  Projects that normally required up to 60 printed sheets are streamlined down to a single paperless invoice.

We’re an ultra-reliable partner.

Every day we deliver full value as a partner to both pilot car providers and carriers. We drive their businesses and help them to excel. Everything about ODS is a benchmark for quality and competence in our industry from our expert team to the technologies we leverage and the investments we make to continuously improve. We’re a top-notch operation all the way.

Less risk. More protection.

We actively take the lead in moving our industry towards better protection and providing the safety and reliability that carriers need. Each of our pilot car partners has a minimum of $1M insurance, multiple years of experience and one or more recognized industry certifications. ODS also has a ground-breaking, industry-unique insurance policy that covers our operations and protects our customers like no one else can.

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