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Sharing your availability with the largest and most trusted pilot escort broker in North America is the best way to minimize deadhead miles! Whether you are returning home or on your way to pick up, posting your (or your drivers’) availability instantly reaches all our dispatchers in “real time” 24/7. Give it a try! You wont regret it.

Posting an availability
Just enter your information below in the required fields and click submit. The details of your availability and the services you can offer (HP, lead, chase, or steer) will be automatically posted to ODS' internal availability board. No need to follow-up: our dispatchers will confirm receipt of your availability and our Operations team will contact you if any loads align.

Sharing additional details
You can use the “Message to Dispatch” field in the form below to send personalized messages and clarifications to ODS dispatchers, such as your specific times of availability or required direction of travel.

Multiple availabilities
Do you have multiple vehicles in different locations? Just click “Add another availability” at the bottom of the form to let ODS know.

Have drivers post their own availabilities
Are you a dispatcher who prefers to have drivers share their own availabilities? Just provide them with this link: www.odsna.com/en_US/share-your-availability, or visit our website at odsna.com and click "Share an availability". Note that we do not want the personal contact information of your drivers, so please advise them to enter YOUR company name, YOUR email address, and YOUR contact phone number.

Details of your availability
Message to Dispatch