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ODS Fleet Services

When a load matters to your business, trust all pilot car matters to us.

When you operate the largest pilot car network in North America, you develop an advanced understanding of what today’s specialized transport companies truly need. Driven by demand, we established ODS Fleet Services in 2016 to further contribute to the elite levels of quality, availability and service that our transport customers have come to expect from ODS and its pilot car partners.

As an asset-based division, ODS Fleet Services empowers you with expertly trained, certified drivers and a dedicated fleet of 10 modern vehicles that are fully equipped and prepared to escort any type of oversized load in whatever capacity you require. Steer, lead, high pole, chase… we do it all while supporting you with ODS North America’s time-tested ability to ensure efficient project planning, routing, permitting and transport compliance for the most challenging transportation projects on the road.

Serving North America, there is no trip too long for us and we travel day and night to ensure that your loads arrive safely and on-time. Having provided a legion of escorts down countless roads in pretty much every rural and urban setting across Canada and the United States, no one knows the terrain, challenges and requirements better than we do.

When you choose ODS Fleet Services to escort your transport company’s load, you also gain peace of mind that comes with choosing an experienced partner that has $2M in insurance coverage and the certifications required to run everywhere - including certificates for Pennsylvania.

Planning to move an overdimensional, oversized, heavy haul, wide load or superload? Contact ODS Fleet Services and discover how our 24/7 support, competitive rates, proven expertise and ultra-reliable service can become your sustainable advantage.