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ODS Difference

Some of the things that set ODS North America apart:

We’re everywhere
As North America’s largest pilot car network, we can arrange escort vehicles coast to coast across the United States and Canada. No run is too short or too long. No matter the oversize, no matter the freight, no matter the distance, we’ve got you covered. 

There when you need us
Forget pressing 1 or 2 to hold. Call ODS and you get great service and real people answering your call and questions 24/7. That’s what excellence demands. That’s what it takes to be an authentic, responsive partner. Our business is taking care of you.

Less risk. More protection.
We actively take the lead in moving our industry towards better protection and providing the safety and reliability that carriers need. ODS has an industry-unique insurance policy that covers our operations. We understood that a groundbreaking policy like ours would be a safety manager’s dream, but it didn’t exist. That didn’t stop us! We worked with our insurance partners to create an entirely new form of coverage. In addition, each of our pilot car partners has a minimum of $1M insurance, multiple years of experience and one or more recognized industry certifications. We do our due diligence and proactively maintain detailed, current files on all of our pilots. Our project booking and management system does not even allow us to book a pilot car provider unless that company's insurance details are up to date.

We make it simple
When carriers contract with multiple pilot car suppliers, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary paperwork. ODS makes it easy: one contact, consolidated billing, minimal administration and the assurance that you are dealing with professional pilot cars at every turn. After the load is delivered, you’ll get a single, clean and concise invoice that covers your project from start to finish to save you time, money… and trees! We recently optimized our processes to go from 10 to 60 printed sheets per load to 100% paperless. We’re green and lean.

We’re ultra-reliable and professional
Make no mistake: we love what we do and have fun doing it. We are top-tier professionals in an industry of small regional brokers. Everything about ODS is a benchmark for quality and competence in our industry: from our modern spacious office to our expert team, to the technologies we leverage and the investments we make to become even more elite. We’re a top-notch operation all the way.

We pay quickly
Cash flow can be a challenge for some pilot car companies. That’s why we offer our pilot car partners the option of getting paid in as quickly as 48 hours. Whether they prefer to be paid this way every time or just on the odd project, we can adjust to meet their needs.

A true strategic partner
Every day we deliver full value as a partner to both pilot car providers and carriers. We drive their businesses and help them to excel. We’re there where and when they need us. Although we don’t operate our own fleet, don’t be surprised to see our logo on an escort truck: our pilot cars love us. We think that this speaks for itself and we’re proud of it! 

Certainty in uncertain times
ODS is not one of those companies that struggled with technological challenges and transitions to continue operating in the pandemic. We never missed a beat. Over the years, we consistently invested in technologies and solutions to improve our services, including a robust range of onsite, offsite and hybrid cloud-based tools. Even when working remotely, we're as responsive as ever, seamlessly connected to our vast network of pilot cars, and tapped into the latest information impacting transport from state-to-state, across borders, and through all provinces. ODS was here long before the pandemic and we will be here long afterwards. We're not going anywhere so that you can continue going everywhere.

Integrity meets expertise
At ODS, we’ve facilitated all kinds of loads and a legion of escorts down countless roads in pretty much any rural and urban setting you can imagine. We’re highly experienced. We know the terrain, challenges and requirements. And we’re notoriously straight shooters. Even if it means we make less profit, we’ll steer you towards the best solution and plan for you because that’s how we earn long-term business and trust.