While other states and provinces assign law enforcement escorts for the travel of superload shipments on certain highways, Pennsylvania and Ontario (Canada) do things differently.

CEVO in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, a pilot must be certified and licensed as a Certified Escort Vehicle Operator (CEVO) to operate in lieu of a state trooper during superload moves. Unlike standard pilot car drivers, a CEVO must complete a specialized course. While each state has different definitions of a super load and escorts requirements are specified on permits, ODS can arrange the CEVOs you require and optimize your plan based on the specific needs of your load, route, and travel times.

CSE in Ontario

Superloads traveling on Ontario highways require Certified Superload Escorts (CSE): pilot drivers appointed with specific traffic control authority after completing an MTO-approved training course. Applications for superload moves in Ontario require that carriers submit specific documentation, including a Traffic Management Plan, for review by the Ministry of Transportation. In addition to arranging CSEs, ODS can help you to develop the best and most cost-effective plan tailored to your superload, current highway parameters, and ideal routing and operating times.

Additional Information

At ODS, our team of experts provides CEVO services to people in Pennsylvania. CEVO stands for Certified Escort Vehicle Operator and is an important job when it comes to transportation facilitation. CEVO drivers guide over-dimensional loads and help keep the roads safe by providing high-pole escort vehicles, pilot cars, route surveys, and other escort vehicles. CEVO drivers also assist with legal compliance, ensuring that over-dimensional loads are in accordance with the law.

At ODS, our team of CEVO experts is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to CEVO services in Pennsylvania and CSE (Certified Superload Escort) in Ontario. CSE is a certification program designed to ensure the highest level of standards in escort vehicle operations. Our CSE professionals have the expertise and qualifications needed to provide safe and reliable transportation services. We believe that CEVO services are essential when it comes to keeping Pennsylvania’s roads safe. With our CSE-certified team of experts, you can rest assured that your CEVO services are in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our CSE-certified CEVO services. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for considering ODS for all of your CEVO service needs!


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