About Us

When ODS was founded in 2010, we weren’t aiming to be the biggest, just the best at what we do.  Today we are.

More than North America’s largest pilot car network, we are a family of knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced professionals who genuinely love and care about what we do. ODS is a benchmark for expertise and customer service in our industry with an enviable leadership position and reputation that we built one relationship and one successful load at a time.

Some companies talk about their values: we embody them in our work. Diligence. Accountability. Integrity. Transparency. Caring. Authenticity. Trust. Our customers and vendors experience all of them in the way we genuinely partner in their success, solve their problems, do things right the first time, keep our promises, and make their jobs easier. We’re proud of what we do and have a lot of fun doing it.

These are just some of the things that set us apart. Choose to work with us, and you’ll benefit from all of them.

“Keen Transport has been using ODS as our exclusive nationwide provider of pilot car services since 2011. ODS delivers consistently dependable results. Exceptional customer service. Professional and well-trained escorts. Timely communications and prompt, accurate billing. They also helped us to implement best practice procedures with our driver fleet. Whenever we need a route survey, a pole car, or a rear escort anywhere in the country, we place our complete trust in ODS to get the job done.”

Paul Ross, VP Operations

Meet The Team

Nick Ruscito-Caissy

President, CEO & Whip-Cracker

“RAIN MAN”: ODS founder and serial entrepreneur, Nick has been connecting pilot cars and specialized carriers since 2001. Along the way, he developed a bewildering ability to recall very specific details about roads throughout North America (think “human GPS” meets “weird party trick”). Pursuing excellence in every facet of business, Nick leads his troops from the front while always having their back. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt and well-rounded executive, he’s equally comfortable in the boardroom and when dropping f-bombs at a truck stop. Looking dapper in this photo, Nick always dresses this way when professional photographers come to ODS to take pictures.

Elta Leakey

CFO, Office Manager & Nurturing Perfectionist

“RING MASTER”: As our longest serving employee, Elta helped build ODS from the ground up and was involved in everything from tuning the engine to detailing the chassis. As the oldest of four sisters, she’s no stranger to looking out for her family, which is probably why she’s such a valued resource to ours. Elta somehow manages to simultaneously be a business leader, wizard behind the curtain, motherly figure, meticulous organizer, champion of fairness, and the glue that binds our circus of excellence together. Elta’s creativity, artistic flair and aesthetic eye are in evidence all around our office (although we exiled all her favorite colored pink stuff to her workspace).

Stefano Pilozzi

Operations Manager & Pit Bull

“NOSTRADAMUS”: Stefano’s trademark ability to predict possible doomsday scenarios and potential problems on every job is an amusing hobby, but the way that he proactively addresses potential issues before they can even occur is all business. And once he sinks his teeth into a project, he won’t let it go until the customer is satisfied. Often the first one to work and the last to leave, Stefano makes a pretty compelling case for having a bed at ODS. When it comes to his bathrobe and fuzzy slippers proposal however, we remain “open-minded” yet “uncomfortable”.

Micah Sookman

Dispatch Specialist & Pop Culture Junkie

“THE JEDI”: With more than a decade of experience in the pilot car universe, Micah was drawn into ODS’ rebel alliance by the prospect of using his considerable force for good. The line “I am your father” sums him up professionally and outside of the office where his lovely wife and two young kids demand the bulk of the attention he previously devoted to cool movies, music, sci-fi and whatever was trending. Micah is a family guy to his core and ODS is his second family. If you’re a carrier customer or escort vendor, he will consistently find ways to make you happy. And his force will be with you. Always.

Jamey McFate

Dispatch Specialist & Very Likeable Dude

“POP QUIZ”: Not satisfied with just mastering the ins and outs of dispatch, Jamey is always asking questions about every other aspect of our industry and our business. There are times when it’s like constantly being asked “why” by a giant goateed toddler. But Jamey soaks up every detail and pours out customer value. Contrary to widespread speculation on the Internet, he was not forged in a lab by fusing a customer service prodigy and a sponge. Born at a very young age, Jamey honestly is a very likeable dude. On the likability scale, he’s right up there with pandas.

Kirstie Doyle

Lead Billing Specialist & Future Novelist

“WRITESTUFF”: When we first met Kirstie, she said she thrived on being busy and loved getting things done right. That proved to be a great fit in a company that is always busy getting things done right. Kirstie leverages her years in retail to deliver the customer focus that is a signature part of the ODS experience. Combining the right stuff with a passion for writing, Kirstie is a closet author in her spare time. Rumor has it she is writing an epic novel about the adventures of a team of pilot car industry experts set in the early 1800s. Escort providers. Rugged carriers. The dawn of the Romantic era. Hot stuff.


Rick Fiorilli

Dispatch Specialist & Music Supervisor

“OCTOMAN”: Rick puts great service and attention-to-detail at the forefront of his work, but in the background, there is always a song playing. Believing that he lives in a feel-good logistics movie that requires an epic soundtrack, Rick undeniably plays a leading role in producing endings that are music to the ears of ODS’ partners and clients. Strengthening our Operations team with two decades of experience as a logistics specialist, Rick is a high-energy, active guy who will tell you that doing nothing is challenging because you never know when you’re finished. A health nut with a sense of humour, Rick loves a great NFL game and a good joke almost as much as he despises inconsistency and unexpected traffic. His guiding philosophies are to laugh often, be kind, and change your philosophy whenever a better one comes along.


Leigh-Anne Baniqued

Billing Specialist & Ukulele Enthusiast

“BUBBLES KAPOOR”: What do you get when you combine the perpetually sunny disposition of an animated Powerpuff Girls superhero with Kelly Kapoor from The Office? An inexhaustible supply of happiness and the ability to talk so much and veer off topic so often that you learn to tune yourself out. However, a super-nice person who thrives on spreading joy is ideally suited to pay people for a living and that’s what Lei does with a smile in our ODS family. When she’s not busy going the extra mile for our pilot car partners, she’s an avid gamer with a pink headset, pink mouse, and a strong belief that there are only two kinds of people in this world: those who wear pink on Wednesdays and those whose don’t. With a passion for cooking and Starbucks, Lei is quite literally a colorful character who dyed her hair from blonde, to red, to blue/green, and back to black in the span of a year. She also makes a mean matcha brownie, can cry on command, and once shook hands with the young Charles Xavier from X-Men (or perhaps he just made her imagine that she did).


Wesley McLean

Dispatch Specialist & Coffee Fiend

“LO-FI”: As someone who admits to being way too big of a Batman fan for someone in their mid-to-late 20s, Wes came to ODS to join a heroic team of dispatchers, realize the potential for greatness in thousands of pilots, and steadfastly refuse to let projects descend into chaos. Honestly, it was a pretty bizarre thing to write on a resume, but ODS turned out to be the perfect place for a guy who genuinely enjoys seeing people around him succeed in whatever they’re doing. Wes has a way with vendors and clients – and a way with words courtesy of a BA in Journalism. His many alter egos include being a published freelance music journalist with several high-profile album reviews under his belt, a trivia savvy gamer, and an unapologetic music nerd who avidly collects vinyl because, ultimately, you’re only as good as your record collection. In an office of NFL aficionados, Wes also happens to be such a huge and vocal fan of the Green Bay Packers that every misstep by QB Aaron Rodgers affects Wes’ performance review.


Meghan Langevin

Billing Specialist & Scholar of Myth

“FRECKLES”: Meghan is a master collector of hobbies who hasn’t been bored in over a decade. Her artistic pursuits include painting, pottery, punch needle rug making, and knitting (which attracted her to our close-knit team). Her tattoos reflect her love of Greek mythology and art history. Time tracking apps swear she’s spent more than a year consuming TV shows and in 2021 she lived in a virtual village for over 1,000 hours with anthropomorphic critters while playing Animal Crossing. Fueled by caramel hot chocolate, Meghan believes there are two types of people in this world: those who hike and those who love themselves enough not to. As a green thumbless assassin who has sent countless potted victims to an untimely demise, she won’t take care of your plants, but Meghan will do just about anything else for family, friends, and ODS customers.

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Matt Obadia

Dispatch Specialist & Astronomer

“OBADIA“: Proudly using his last name as a one-word moniker like “Drake”, “Aristotle”, and “The Rock” (even though that’s two words), Obadia has excelled in service roles for many years because he genuinely cares about customers – and it shows. Propelled by caffeine, his interests include rocket launches, astronomy, and djent, neoclassical and 80s hair metal (which is ironic for a guy who often doesn’t have any hair). The fictional character he most relates to is Fry from Futurama because they are both silly, each has a strong moral compass, and both retained remarkable video gaming skills after being accidentally cryogenically frozen. Obadia loves the idea that you never accomplish anything in this world without courage. Comparatively, Fry loves sewers. Despite their differences, Matt is also an out-of-this-world character who invariably comes up with brilliant schemes to save the day.

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Jason Lenar

Dispatch Specialist, Roast Master & Gearhead

“BARISTA”: If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you mix a passion for people, cars, efficiency, and coffee in equal parts, we found out when we hired Jason the gearhead barista. Like a bottomless cup of refreshing “can do” service, Jason was once voted one of the best baristas in Montreal and spent his formative years working in a race car garage and studying to be a mechanic. When not supercharging the performance of ODS projects, you’ll find him immersed in the caffeinated arts or meticulously restoring his 1990 BMW 325i. Drawn like a moth to a flame to any burbling exhaust or espresso machine, Jason embodies a strong and pleasant character and a smooth blend of humor, niceness, and earthiness that leaves no bitter aftertaste.

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Arthur Shpigelman

Dispatch Specialist & UFC Aficionado

“ART OF DISPATCH”: Art came to ODS with 7 years of dispatch experience, the ability to speak four languages, and a passion for UFC. Foreshadowing an enthusiasm for the sport (and bad jokes), a teacher once asked how he would make a fruit punch and his answer was “give it Muay Thai lessons”. Art is always ready to knock himself out to help our customers go the distance and his intolerance for lineups (a major pet peeve) compels him to minimize any type of wait time. Believing that the way you do anything is the way you do everything, Art approaches his work with a commitment to excellence, a sense of humor, just the right amount of crazy, and the knowledge that a good steak can instantly make any day better.

Marjorie Lopez

Billing Specialist & Zumbaccountant

“M-LO”: More than just empowering the ODS family with her 20 years of accounting experience, Marjorie brings a flair for organizing things in ways that make life easier, more enjoyable, and less confusing. A true enemy of chaos, she brings order and clarity to whatever she focuses on whether its invoices, processes, school committees, or the move that brought her to Canada from her native Venezuela back in 2009. When she’s not crunching numbers, Marjorie is crushing Zumba workouts, wearing out dance floors, devouring personal growth programs, or laughing at stand-up comedy. Despite her chill demeanor, if you picture Marjorie as a model of calm composure, we invite you sit beside her at a soccer game when one of her kids scores. Bring ear plugs. And a helmet.


Top Dog & 10x “Employee of the Month” Winner

“SUBWOOFER”: Exuding raw animal magnetism in his trademark band collar and dark suit, Carlos is not the type of employee you keep on a short leash. Whether in the office or near a fire hydrant, Carlos expertly takes care of business: barking out orders and relentlessly chasing down pilot cars, even when he’s dog tired. Rarely biting off more than he can chew, Carlos always has a ball at work and rolls over for no one. With few pet peeves other than catty people, Carlos is a whole different animal: a loyal, best-in-show team player who walks the walk, works his tail off, happily takes a licking, and will gladly give you a leg up.

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